Luke Bryan & Jason Aldean Road Trip

Country music stars Jason Aldean and Luke Bryan experienced an unexpected turn of events last Friday when their plane encountered difficulties due to inclement weather while departing from St. Louis. Bryan and Aldean were on a duck hunting trip, traveling to a joint appearance at the ATA Show (Archery Trade Association), when frigid temperatures took a toll on their aircraft and caused critical instruments on the plane to fail. They took to Instagram Live to detail their adventure.

Bryan shared with followers, 'Well, we took off, and it was so cold in St. Louis—like 16 degrees, with winds blowing at 40 miles an hour. Some of the instruments on the plane were not working, so we had to turn around and land, and yeah, it was a little tense.'

'So, now, we’re on I-55 at a Dairy Queen,' Bryan continued. 'We’re getting some chicken fingers. I just peed beside the road. And Jason’s the driver.'

'That’s because I don’t trust you to drive, actually,' Aldean joked.

Fans took to the comments to express their delight over the duo's road trip adventure to Dairy Queen, saying, 'Can you imagine these two pulling up in the drive-thru?'

If you're curious about Jason Aldean and Luke Bryan's preferred Dairy Queen orders, you're in luck: Aldean opted for 'a regular cheeseburger with cheese and pickles only, fries, and a Coke to wash it down,' along with a six-piece basket of chicken strips. Meanwhile, Bryan went for a 'No. 1 with a Coke.'

Check out their live stream below.

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