2024 Thunder Rising Star

Contest Rules and Regulations

1) ENTRY PROCEDURE: You must complete this form and get it to WGRX-FM Thunder 104.5 with your demo before
the entry deadline date of Friday, July 19th, 2024 at 5PM.

a. Individuals may perform with only one act during the Thunder Rising Star competition.
b. Performances must be done in good taste without offensive music or lyrics.
c. Original music may be performed and is defined as any piece written or co-written by the contestant.
d. Contest performance order will be pre-set.
e. A selection committee will screen demo material & choose the acts that will compete.
f. All judging and rule interpretation at the competition and by the selection committee is final.
g. Performances will be awarded 0 – 10 points in each of the following categories:
i. Marketability
ii. Vocal / instrumental ability
iii. Originality
iv. Stage presence / charisma
v. Talent
h. Original music performances will be awarded an optional 0 – 3 bonus points.
i. Tie-Breaker Place Determination:
i. Highest score in Talent
ii. Highest score in Marketability
iii. Secret vote by judges

3) PROMOTIONAL AUTHORIZATION: By submitting an entry form, the act (and each individual member thereof)
grants to WGRX-FM Thunder 104.5 the right to utilize the act’s (and each individual member’s thereof) name,
likeness, image, voice, appearance, and performance in perpetuity worldwide for advertising, trade or any other
lawful promotional purposes whatsoever, in any and all media now known or hereafter developed, without
compensation. If under 18 years of age, parent or guardian must sign the entry form.

4) ASSUMPTION OF RISK: By submitting this Entry Form, the act (and each individual member thereof) assumes all
risks of property damage or bodily injury (including death) that might occur during the event and agrees not to
bring against WGRX-FM Thunder 104.5 any claim for property damage or bodily injury (including death) that
might occur during event.

5) GOOD CHARACTER: The act agrees that it may be disqualified immediately from the competition if the act (or any
member thereof) commits any act or becomes involved in any situation that would adversely reflect on WGRX-
FM Thunder 104.5 or sponsors, or bring it or any party into public disrepute.

6) CONTEST PRIZES: WGRX-FM Thunder 104.5 shall award to the winning act the following prizes:
a. $500
b. A commemorative trophy
c. On-air promotion of select local gigs from 8/1/2024 – 7/30/2025