DIY Choco Tacos: How To Make Your Own Choco Tacos at Home

A childhood favorite ice cream treat is being discontinued.

The Choco Taco, which combines ice cream, chocolate, and peanuts, into a taco-shaped waffle cone, was discontinued in July.  According to PEOPLE, a rep for Klondike cited an unprecedented spike in demand for different Klondike products as the reason for the discontinuation.

Fans took to Twitter to mourn the loss of their childhood favorite.

But a quick search on Pinterest found multiple recipes available to make your own Choco Tacos at home.

YouTuber Ashley Marie shared her recipe for a DIY version using chocolate wafers and flour to make a chocolate taco shell.

Get the recipe here.
A Cozy Kitchen uses fudge-swirled ice cream and a homemade waffle “taco.”

Savings Lifestyle created a “copycat” Choco Taco that promises to taste just like the original and Sprinkles For Breakfast made a confetti version perfect for any birthday celebration.

So now you don’t have to say goodbye forever.
If you try one of the recipes, let us know which one is your favorite!

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