Walker Hayes Loses A Bet

Country stars like Jason Aldean, Luke Bryan and Kane Brown all celebrated Georgia's win in the National Championship game on Monday but for Walker Hayes, it came with a price.

It turns out, Walker had a bet with ESPN football analyst David Pollack that Alabama would beat Georgia in the National Championship game on Monday. They didn't, so he posted a clip of the price he had to pay.

It's a video of himself singing his song "AA", but the references are flipped. Instead of giving love to the University of Alabama and coach Nick Saban, he sings the praises of the University of Georgia [UGA] and coach Kirby Smart.

The song is only half the pain. After that, he had to say this: "UGA, what a school. A lot of talent coming through there. Kirby Smart, what a coach . . . but I gotta say David Pollack [is] the greatest commentator of all time. For real.

"Hands down. Above the rest by miles and miles, nobody's even close. And I gotta attribute all that talent from his schooling he received at UGA down in Athens, Georgia. [But] in all seriousness, great game . . . and 'Go Dawgs.'"

Take a look:

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