Thomas Rhett’s Wife Shares Hilarious Mishap

Ladies- has this ever happened to you?

Thomas Rhett's wife Lauren shared a video on Monday (Jan. 31) revealing a hair mishap. The mom was home alone with all four kids, 3 of whom are sick right now. While trying to feed the baby, she asked the older two to comb her hair but it didn't go well. When the girls tried to curl it, the comb became tangled in Lauren's hair.

She asked followers for help saying, "HELP. ME. Shout out to any moms who are on the struggle bus today. I'm right there with ya...I've tried to break the comb but it's too bendy....I'd love to NOT have to cut my hair🤪 any suggestions? I might just wait until someone can come over and help me. "

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The girls clearly love doing hair. Thomas revealed orange hair over the weekend saying, "Willa gray really wanted to dye my hair orange today so…."

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