Why Nicole Kidman is Asking Dolly Parton “Don’t Take My Man”

Country Music legend Dolly Parton was recently asked which singer she would like to collaborate with that she hasn't had a chance to yet.

Dolly, who just released her own line of cake mixes, was promoting its launch in a new interview when asked this question. She replied that she would love to bake cakes and sing with Keith Urban.

She called Keith "one of the most talented and cutest guys in the world" before joking that she isn't trying to hit on him because "who could beat" Nicole Kidman. "She's Jolene," Dolly said referencing her famous song title.

Well, Keith saw the video and shared his own response saying he would love to sing with her and enjoy cake anytime. During the video, Nicole Kidman pops into the background volunteering to bake the cake and jokingly telling Dolly "but don't take my man."


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Fingers crossed this collaboration takes place soon! Dolly recently teamed up with Kelly Clarkson for a remake of her classic hit '9-5.'

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