Wynonna Judd Spills the Details on Her Past Romance with Dwight Yoakam

Dwight Yoakam is known for his super-tight jeans.  The country singer was wearing skinny jeans before skinny jeans were cool!  If you’ve ever wondered how he gets into them though, Wynonna Judd spilled the secret…

Now you may be wondering, how does Wynonna know this information?!!  Well, it turns out they dated. 

According to an old CMT profile on Dwight, the romance began in 1988 when Wynonna was 23 and Yoakam was 31. 

Wynonna told the outlet at the time, “I said ‘Find that man in that cowboy hat, and he’s mine,” and the late Naomi shared, “He dated Wynonna when we were first on the road. And he was opening for us, and we were touring together, and there was a little romantic thing going on.”

Meanwhile, Dwight recalled, “We shared an in-common bond in some ways. And again felt a bit of sanctuary with each other probably. But our lives were, you know, full of highways and itineraries that weren’t always conducive to pursuing that relationship together.”

The CMT interview was featured in a new TikTok video and in it, Wynonna shares a hilarious behind-the-scenes fact about how Dwight gets in and out of his signature tight pants.

“I don’t know how he gets in and out of them pants, if all you women out there have wondered the same thing. Well, I’ve seen it. Lets just say they’re kinda hard to put on. He has to kinda, he has a whole little maneuver thing going on.”

Take a look:

Years ago, I caught Dwight’s performance in Richmond at Meadow Event Park (known then as Innsbrook After Hours) and was lucky enough to go onto Dwight’s bus to meet with him.  He’s been a favorite of mine since my granddaddy introduced me to “Little Sister” as a young child.  I was a bit star-stuck but also struck by how tight those jeans are. 🙂  I always wondered how in the world he got into them and now, thanks to Wynonna, we know a little more.


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