Incredible Sights as Hurricane Ian Struck Florida

There have been some incredible sights Wednesday as Hurricane Ian struck Florida.

With storm surge driving seawater inland, a shark was sighted swimming in a neighborhood in Ft. Myers.

The Sunken Gardens botanical preserve in St. Petersburg had to move its flamingos into a restroom to keep them out of harm’s way.

Waffle House restaurants in Florida were closed. FEMA famously follows an informal “Waffle House Index” to rate the severity of a storm, with closures denoting the worst.

Tampa Bay’s waters receded so severely that the floor of the bay was visible, similar to the runup to a tsunami.

Some idiots went swimming by a Ft. Myers fishing pier as the storm surge mounted.

A news reporter and another man rescued a dog caught in rising waters.

One man’s house flooded, so he decided to go for a swim. Authorities caution against this.

One man was seen wakeboarding behind a truck.

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