Maren Morris Reveals What Ryan Hurd Said Off-Mic During CMT Performance

Husband and wife Maren Morris and Ryan Hurd debuted a new song off her "Humble Quest" album at the 2022 CMT Awards.

The playful song features Maren singing about "fallin' for a boy from Michigan" (Ryan's home state) and during the performance she jokingly fanned herself during the line "You're so good lookin' it kinda makes me sick."

Ryan had a little fun too after Maren sang the lyric, "You like me even when I've been a bitch," viewers could see Ryan smiling and saying something off the mic that left his wife trying not to laugh.

She clarified the moment later on social media saying, "For the record, [Hurd] said, 'You're not a bitch, baby. Which made me laugh and almost miss my next lyric."

Watch the full performance below.

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